September 26, 2022

About us

We are Elena and Elsa, two 4th of ESO students of Escola Grèvol. We're participating in the contest WAPPS, an iniciative of Fundació.cat, in the category about programming a mobile application. We think tecnology is the future and we both want to create a better world with the tools that tecnology offers to us. We are very grateful to be able to be a part of this project that impulses young people to incorporate in the informatic world. We're also very grateful to be able to claim that girls also want to be a part of this world, since there is a social construction that is a realm of men.

"We have to hack the stereotype!" - Cristina Aranda

With our app, we want to improve the cleaning of the spaces of Barcelona, especially beaches. Our app offers services to report a zone that needs to be claned or to get part of different cleaning events, created by us or by the users themselves. To know more about our app, click here.