September 25, 2022

Our app

To improve the cleanliness of beaches and public areas in Barcelona, we have created a mobile app, currently available for Android devices and will be up and running soon. The actual version of the app offers a demo of what will be the app in the future. By now, the app is not active, but our idea is that in the near future is in operation.

The app offers two principal services:

  • The report of a space affected by the garbage: The user fills out a form and adds details about the affected area. This complaint is automatically sent to Barcelona City Council and we contact the city’s cleaning team.
  • The participation and creation of different garbage collections: This section of the application allows you to create and join to different garbage collections promoted by the Barcelona Sense Brossa team or by the users of the app. It is a place to meet people and at the same time improve the cleanliness of the city. All collections will be supervised in advance by the Barcelona Sense Brossa team, to avoid false accounts or possible internet dangers.

As our app is not yet available and the MIT App Inventor program does not allow you to edit the app design much, we have created an example of what the app would look like if we have had more time.